9 Oct 2004

French Polynesia lawmakers convene for no-confidence motions

9:30 am on 9 October 2004

French Polynesia's territorial assembly has convened to hear two motions of no-confidence in the government.

The Tahitipresse news agency reports that all of the parliament's 57 members are present and have begun to debate the first motion of no-confidence proposed by the Te Ara grouping.

The motions are aimed at removing the administration of Oscar Temaru which was formed in June after his surprise election victory in May.

If the motions are approved, the assembly has two weeks to hold fresh presidential elections.

Women demonstrators have said they would stage a sit-in outside the assembly today in protest at the motions.

France has decided to send mobile riot police to Tahiti amid renewed security concerns.

In the face of the motions, Mr Temaru asked France to dissolve the assembly and hold fresh elections but his request was rejected.

A French minister says the highest French court has yet to decide if it will annul the outcome of the last election held in May because of irregularities