9 Oct 2004

Overseas judges may stop working in Fiji - warning

9:31 am on 9 October 2004

An expatriate High Court judge in Fiji has warned local authorities that overseas judges will not come to work in Fiji if criminal elements are not controlled.

The Daily Post reports that Lautoka judge, Justice John Connors, issued the warning after his house was broken into and robbed for the second time in seven months.

Justice Connors said unless immediate action is taken by the judicial department, the police and the community, the shortage of judges at the Lautoka High Court will be even greater than it is now.

Justice Connors said it is clear that he and his wife, a magistrate, are being targeted, adding the question, 'Why would anyone want to live in constant fear?'

Justice Connors said Fiji is a beautiful country being destroyed by poverty and criminal behaviour.

He said the defeatist and fatalistic attitude of the authorities and to some extent the community, is harbouring the criminals.

The president of the Fiji Court of Appeal, Justice Gordon Ward, was also robbed in Suva two months ago.