8 Oct 2004

Tuvalu to elect prime minister next week

4:32 pm on 8 October 2004

Tuvalu parliament will meet next week to elect a prime minister after the former prime minister was returned as Member of Parliament in yesterday's by-election in Nukufetau

However the caretaker prime minister, Maatia Toafa told Pacnews news agency that government members are yet to decide on their new leader.

Mr Toafa says this will be a decision the government caucus will take after the governor general recalls parliament.

He says he doubts that Mr Sopoanga will come back as prime minister despite his win in a by-election.

Mr Toafa, who took over as caretaker prime minister is confident that his group has secured the simple majority of eight members of the house.

Tuvalu's parliament was dissolved a few months ago after a vote of no confidence against Mr Sopoanga's government.