8 Oct 2004

American Samoa official wants Manu'a government explored

8:19 am on 8 October 2004

The Manu'a District Governor Galea'i Tu'ufuli says he will call a summit of traditional leaders after the American Samoa elections to discuss what form of government Manu'a should have in the future.

During the hundredth anniversary of the signing of the Deed of Cession which incorporated Manu'a as a part of American Samoa, Galeai suggested that perhaps it's time to review Manua's relationship with the US.

He says the deed provides the King of Manu'a with two forms of government, a district of the territory or territorial form of government.

Galeai says since Manu'a is presently a district of American Samoa it is time that the people of Manua explore other forms of governement.

He says the proper way to do this is to develop a new dialogue between the people of Manu'a and the US government.

His suggestions on the type of government Manu'a should consider are a territorial form of governemnt, a republic with free association with the US or remain as part of American Samoa but with provision for a local budget for Manu'a and more autonomy.