7 Oct 2004

New Caledonia court doubles jail sentence in shooting incident

5:31 pm on 7 October 2004

The court of appeal in New Caledonia has doubled the jail sentence of man convicted for firing a gun at a military chaplain in the Noumea suburb of Saint Louis two years ago.

Livio Gnibekan was jailed in August for 18 months for injuring Father Glantenet who went to the area during a violent stand-off between Kanaks and Wallisian settlers.

The Nouvelles Caledoniennes newspaper reports that the prosecution considered the sentence to be too light for what it says was an attempt to kill the chaplain.

Gnibekan has now been jailed for three years.

Last year, he was sentenced to nine months in jail for trying to shoot Roch Wamytan, a local chief and prominent territorial politician.

Earlier he was jailed for accidentally killing a friend during a demonstration of his gun.