7 Oct 2004

American Samoa election office finalises voter list

11:18 am on 7 October 2004

The deadline for voter registration in American Samoa has passed but as of yesterday the election office had not yet finalised the final list.

Deputy Election Commissioner Filivaa Mageo says the voter roll will be about 16-thousand people.

Preliminary figures show that District number 15 Tuala uta has the most number of voters with 2,600.

Five police had to guard the entrance to the Election Officer on the final day for registration as some late-comers tried to force their way into the office after the doors were closed at 4.30 p.m.

Mageo says that police had to be called in as in previous election years because it was hard for election office staff to control a crowd of about 200 frustrated people.

American Samoan voters will go to the polls on the second of November to elect a governor and lieutenant governor, members of the House of Representatives and a non-voting delegate to the US Congress.