6 Oct 2004

Police to present video evidence in Pitcairn trial

11:26 am on 6 October 2004

Evidence from the police is expected to be heard in the Pitcairn sex abuse trials for the first time today.

The court will hear a police video interview with the present day Mayor of Pitcairn, Steve Christian.

He's one of seven men accused of a total of 55 charges of sexual offending on the remote British island.

From there, Sue Ingram reports......

"Steve Christian, who is 53, first appeared in court a week ago. Since then, the court had heard evidence from two complainants who allege he raped them when they were eleven of twelve. The Crown has described what appears to be a similar pattern. It says the defendant would offer the alleged victim a ride on his motor-bike, take her somewhere secluded and have sex, withdrawuing at the last minute. A Pitcairn law concerning illegal carnal knowledge of under-age girls has seen at least three men jailed in the 1950s, when the girls became pregnant. Today's video evidence is expected to show Steve Cristian being questioned about a series of alleged offences, some of them outside the present court case. He denies all the charges."