5 Oct 2004

Disappointment at Fiji Labour Party's forgiveness snub

10:28 am on 5 October 2004

There's criticism in Fiji of the Labour Party's boycott of this week's government organised national reconciliation and forgiveness programme.

The opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, says the boycott is getting a little tiring and he looks forward to the day when Labour will start pursuing its objectives in a more positive manner.

The Fiji Sikh Association has expressed disappointment with Labour, saying it was the saddest day for Fiji Indians that while everyone else was at the reconciliation ceremony, the party that represents the majority of Indians was not.

The president of the Hindu organisation, the Sanatan Dharam, says it's time to leave all differences behind and support the government's reconciliation efforts.

Ba mayor, Praveen Bala, says unscrupulous leaders who have in the past ruthlessly exploited genuine attempts to build a united Fiji are at the helm of leadership.

And the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, says people generally want to do the right thing and the Fiji Labour Party should take a more positive attitude towards these efforts.

Mr Qarase says it can only do good because there are no adverse aspects of reconciliation and forgiveness.