1 Oct 2004

Partial shutdown of government services in Guam after latest budget stalemate

2:20 pm on 1 October 2004

The Guam government faces a partial shutdown after lawmakers failed to override the governor's veto of a secondary budget bill.

But a large-scale government shutdown was averted last night when lawmakers unanimously overrode the governor's veto of the primary fiscal 2005 spending bill.

The Pacific Daily News reports some of the agencies that may shut down are the Office of the Governor, the Legislature, the mayors' offices, the public auditor.

Public Radio is also another area which may be affected.

The lawmakers had until midnight last night to determine whether they should override the governor's vetoes of Bill 363, the primary spending bill which covered most of the government's agencies, and Bill 364, the secondary spending bill that had what lawmakers said were less-critical agencies.

The Democratic majority in the Legislature had proposed the two separate spending bills as this new fiscal year's budget.

Bill 363 was passed across party lines last week, while Bill 364 was passed by only the Democratic lawmakers.

The dispute between the Legislature and the Camacho administration centres around differing revenue projections.