1 Oct 2004

PNG set to sign UN convention against corruption

2:19 pm on 1 October 2004

Papua New Guinea is set to sign a United Nations Convention against Corruption.

PNG's director general of International Relations with the Prime Minister's Department, Peter Eafeare, joined APEC anti-corruption experts in a meeting in Chile last weekend

Mr Eafeare is also attending a series of APEC Senior Officials Meetings until October 4, ahead of the leaders summit in November.

The Chile meeting highlighted the high priority that APEC leaders had given to fighting corruption and ensuring transparency during recent summits.

The acting director general of International Relations, Frank Aisi, says newspaper reports that PNG has signed the convention are premature, but that it probably will in due course.

"You know, us not signing it, I mean, we will, at a later stage, sign it. So I think"

there shouldn't be any worry about that. I think we're just reading the document and having a look at it, and then we should proceed. Because we're all for anti-corruption aren't we?

PNG's acting director general of International Relations, Frank Aisi.