1 Oct 2004

Pitcairn Supreme Court told of girls used as sex toys

10:33 am on 1 October 2004

The Pitcairn Supreme Court has been told that girls on the island have been treated as sex things, and that men could do what they liked with them.

The evidence came from the first complainant in sex abuse trials of 7 island men.

Yesterday the court heard allegations of rape against the Mayor, Steve Christian.

Sue Ingram reports from Pitcairn.

"Women in the community have spoken about a culture of underage consensual sex. But in court a different story was heard: One of coercion and rape."

The first complainant to be called said it was just the normal way of life on Pitcairn, that girls were treated as though they were a sex thing. And the Crown said Steve Christian has displayed a callous and cavalier attitude.

In cross-examination, the defence pressed the complainant to explain why she nor her parents had done anything about the alleged rapes.

Today the opening for the second defendant, 78-year-old Len Brown, will take place. He's the oldest man to be charged, and is the father of another defendant, Dave Brown.