30 Sep 2004

Cook Islands says the High court will consider electoral petition

4:39 pm on 30 September 2004

An election official in the Cook Islands says the High court will consider a petition on Friday, to allow confidential electoral information, to be publicly released.

The electoral registrar, Nooapii Tearea, says13 electoral petitions of claims and counter-claims were filed by candidates, after the general election.

Mr Tearea says a decision on whether to release information publicly to candidates who are petitioning their election results, is likely to be made on friday.

"We will be having another telephone conference with the judge tomorrow (at 10 oclock Cook Islands time) for a judge to consider whether the application will be granted so that's where we are at at the moment."

Nooapii Tearea says one claim has been withdrawn so far, by Terepaii Junior Maoate, for Amuri-Uriea in Aitutaki, given there was no counter claim for that constituency.