30 Sep 2004

Solomon Islands provincial premier remains tightlipped over allegations

4:41 pm on 30 September 2004

The Guadalcanal Premier in the Solomon Islands, Waeta Ben Tabusasi, is remaining tightlipped regarding allegations of misappropriated funds, until next week.

The Premier has come under fire for allegedly making payments to former staff, and former militant commanders, using Provincial government funds.

Mr Tabusasi has allegedly paid over 40-thousand US dollars to former Premier, Ezekial Alebua.

He allegedly handed over 13-thousand US dollars each, to chief Moro of Makaruka, former militant commanders Harold Keke, and his brother Joseph Sangu, both of whom are now in police custody.

But Mr Tabusasi says he will make an official comment to explain shortly.

"I am preparing a report that I'll submit to the media, I'll give you that report, and then I will speak to you at that time."

Mr Tabusasi is also allegedly witholding payments made by the National government for the families of people murdered on Guadalcanal, of which he says he'll have to prepare another report.