30 Sep 2004

PNG politicians lack will to tackle HIV/AIDS, says Reverend

4:47 pm on 30 September 2004

A man charged with addressing the spread of HIV/Aids in one of Papua New Guinea's worst-hit regions says politicians lack the will to tackle the epidemic.

The United Nations Development programme is funding and running a leadership training workshop which continues in Port Moresby today.

The chairman of the Western Highlands provincial Aids committee, Reverend James Koi, is one of the provincial representatives taking part.

Reverend Koi says the workshops have been showing local leaders what they can do on their own, to combat the spread of the disease, rather than giving others orders and commands.

Reverend Koi says politicians need to do more:

"Leadership on all levels are not fighting, for HIV/Aids in the country. On the political level, there is no political will in the country now, and most of the HIV/Aids awareness and workshops and all this is being run mainly by churches and NGOs."

Reverend Koi says the programme is aimed at coaching people involved in disease awareness and prevention, at what they already know and what they are already doing.