29 Sep 2004

Solomons murder victims families need compensation to avoid more unrest says peace worker

1:41 pm on 29 September 2004

A Solomon Islands peace co-ordinator fears if payments aren't made to the families of people murdered on Guadalcanal, unrest may return to the country's main island.

A Peace Co-ordinator, Kamilo Toke, says relatives of 25 victims who have been killed violently since Independence in 1978, are still expecting to be paid.

He says the National Government has paid the funds earmarked for the families to the Provincial Government for distribution.

Mr Toke says the provincial government is currently being audited, but many people think the money have been misappropriated.

"The people of Guadalcanal, they are not refusing to reconcile but these are the elements which are aggravating the fragile peace process on Guadalcanal."

Guadalcanal Peace Co-ordinator, Kamilo Toke.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports 200-thousand US dollars are owed to the victims' families.