28 Sep 2004

Plans to make oral recordings of personal histories on Niue

4:11 pm on 28 September 2004

An Auckland woman hopes Niuean locals will support her move to visit and record their personal experiences of Cyclone Heta.

Lyn Davies, who works as an educational specialist and lecturer at Auckland University, says she wants to make oral recordings of their experiences during the storm and other key events in the island's history.

She says during the cyclone a lot of history was lost, and everyone had a story to tell.

"They could be sitting in the hotel, or anywhere, at a rugby match. But then when you've actually got a microphone there it's slightly diffferent. And working with the Niueans, I think it should be fine. They'll be able to talk to people in the villages, and set up appointments, you know, because it'll be in Niuean quite a bit"

Lyn Davies, says she has the support of the Niue government, who will own the work when its completed.

She hopes to begin her project early next year.