28 Sep 2004

Telikom PNG left largely in dark over government plans for it

4:12 pm on 28 September 2004

The Managing Director of Telikom Papua New Guinea says his company is being hampered by continuing uncertainty over government plans for its future.

Martin Veisame says aside from providing operational details, the board has not been privy to controversial government plans to privatise Telikom PNG.

Mr Veisame says the company has been under the cloud of potential privatisation since 2000, restricting their ability to plan long-term goals.

He says they have been assured by the potential partner, the Econet-Altech consortium, that there would not be job losses in the first eighteen months.

But Mr Veisame says because they know so little of the plans, Telikom PNG can only speculate what the future holds for it.

"Not making a decision quickly, I mean, it hampers our operation in the context that we would like to plan for the medium term, like three years to five years. As it is now, we are working on a year to year basis. It's a bit difficult. At the same time, our staff are reading in the papers and hearing in the news about this issue of being privatised. It doesn't give an atmosphere of certainty and excitement"

Martin Veisame