23 Sep 2004

Fiji Labour Party backs Iraq deployment

3:59 pm on 23 September 2004

The Fiji Labour Party says it is happy to support the deployment of Fiji military peacekeepers to Iraq.

The party's foreign affairs spokesman, Krishna Datt, says the party has not debated the matter, but sending peacekeepers abroad is well accepted in Fiji.

In addition, Mr Datt says the Iraq deployment, which was agreed to in principle by the government recently, has been planned by military commander Bainimarama.

"There is an overriding feeling amongst the people here that the commander, Bainimarama, would have already done his assessment in terms of whether it is safe and right for our people to be involved in peacekeeping in Iraq. He has just come back from the tour overseas which presumably took him to Washington and New York and New Delhi and wherever else, so there is a great reliance on his judgment in these matters."

Krishna Datt of the Fiji Labour Party