22 Sep 2004

Fiji inspector alleges top level police corruption

1:18 pm on 22 September 2004

The Fiji detective who was in charge of a fraud investigation says he was taken off the case after he found that some police officers had taken bribes.

Inspector Nasir Ali was charged with investigating the 13-million US dollar agriculture scam.

But Inspector Ali says he found - during his investigation - that the police pay office was involved.

Inspector Ali is now accusing police officers of taking bribes of cash, goods and liquor in relation to the case.

He names the deputy commissioner Moses Driver, and identifies the deputy commissioner of administration, and the acting director of the Criminal Investigations Department as people who took bribes.

Nasir Ali wouldn't say how much money was involved.

The detective says he's made an official complaint after he was told to give up his investigation.

"On Monday morning twelve officers walked into my office, and we were all taken into custody. The keys and everything were taken forcefully from me. They did not give me the opportunity to hand over the documents. I cannot say what will is going to happen to the exhibit that is in their custody."

Inspector Ali says he doesn't know why he's been informed he should now work in the uniformed officers' branch outside the capital Suva.