22 Sep 2004

Fiji police officer alleges serious impropriety in police force

10:20 am on 22 September 2004

The Fiji police officer replaced as head of the team investigating the 13-million US dollar agriculture ministry scam, has made serious allegations of impropriety.

Inspector Nasir Ali has told the FIJI SUN newspaper that his inquiry uncovered that a good number of senior police officers had been bribed.

Inspector Ali says interference and objections against their investigation intensified when the team called for an investigation into the police commissioner's official account between 2000 and 2002 when Col Isikia Savua held the office.

He says there was reason to believe that a good number of the officers were bribed and they were closing in when orders came from the deputy commissioner, Moses Driver, to hasten investigations and send the files to the director of public prosecutions.

Inspector Ali says he identified a number of police officers who felt threatened because evidence incriminated them to the point where if found guilty, they would be without a career.

He says the officers under investigation were not co-operating and he pointed this out in a letter to Commissioner Andrew Hughes on March the 30th.

Instead the team was replaced on Monday as other officers raided their office and briefly detained the original team for questioning