22 Sep 2004

Solomons taskforce wants development strategies people-centred

10:13 am on 22 September 2004

A Solomon Islands taskforce wants the government to prioritise economic development and to ensure a unified vision for the country's development.

The co-chairman of the Parliamentary Tripartite Taskforce, Bartholemew Ulufa'alu, says the government has to ensure its development strategies are people-centred and private sector-led.

Mr Ulufa'alu says the taskforce wants local people to be more pro-active in their own economic development to improve their quality of life.

He says this requires taking ownership of the country's resources.

But Mr Ulufa'alu says Solomon Islanders still need to work with development partners such as donors, politicians and the Regional Assistance Mission for a sustainable plan.

"It's really to base economic development as a matter of the number one priority. Really because the restoration of law and order is a simple matter, whereas the maintanance and sustenance of law and order will largely depend on the type of economic recovery and reform that is taken."