20 Sep 2004

PNG minister says country is open to drug and gun smuggling

3:43 pm on 20 September 2004

The Papua New Guinea internal security minister says greater control on weapons smuggling will be one of the aims of a gun summit due to be held early next year.

Bire Kimisopa says it has been estimated that firearms figure in 90-percent of crime in PNG.

He says poor security controls mean that PNG is open to those smuggling guns, often along with drugs.

"There's a fair bit of drugs going out of the country, especially cannabis, and ah it's either through the logging ship...I mean our systems are so weak we haven't got total control of port surveillance in PNG ..so a fair bit of trade has been going on, uninterrupted trade, out of our border in the north at Vanimo and down south at Daru and so forth."

The Papua New Guinea internal security minister, Bire Kimisopa.