20 Sep 2004

RAMSI not concerned about mass resignations from taskforces

3:34 pm on 20 September 2004

The Head of the Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands says mass resignations from opposition members will not affect its job.

Last month, the opposition announced its resignation from taskforces set up to work with the mission.

The Special Coordinator of RAMSI, James Bartley, says the mass resignations is a political issue and has nothing to do with the mission.

"We continue to work with the government and we continue to talk with the opposition. Just this week I had a meeting with the leader of the opposition and I will continue to keep in touch with all sides of politics so the resignations don't affect RAMSI's work."

The opposition leader, Francis Billy Hilly, says the government was ignoring reports and contributions made by the taskforces, and therefore undermining the efforts of those involved.