20 Sep 2004

New political party planned in the Cook Islands

3:36 pm on 20 September 2004

A new political party could be formed in the Cook Islands following the lack of success by independents in the recent elections.

Jessie Sword, Tere Carr and Elizabeth Ponga say they did gather a lot of support but people were concerned about wasting their vote on independents who might have little sway in parliament.

Ms Ponga says this could lead to the three of them and other interested people, in forming a party.

"I looked and reviewed what we had accomplished, and we were fragmented when we stood there as independent candidates. But, together as one, we will be a force to be reckoned with. And, this is one of the things we've got to look at."

Ms Ponga says it's unlikely they will do anything officially until the new year.