20 Sep 2004

Hopes that research will spark a national turtle policy in the Marshalls

3:36 pm on 20 September 2004

The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority hope results from their latest research will spark a national policy for turtles being implemented by the government.

The MRA have begun researching to find out more information about the types and amounts of turtles that are accidentally being caught by fishing boats in the region.

The deputy director, Glen Joseph, says they want to use the research to better train people on how best to handle the marine mammal.

And he says they want to trace their migratory patterns, and tag turtles that get caught, before they're released again.

"Well in the future at one stage we'd like to develop a management plan, a national policy on tuna and turtle management in Marshall Islands. Like I said research wise, its been ongoing. One of the main research in the region is the tagging of turtles. 18"

Glen Joseph says the United States government has backed the project, and provided equipment, technical expertise and financial assistance for the project.