17 Sep 2004

American Samoan anti-corruption body to take issue of authority to High Court

1:43 pm on 17 September 2004

The anti-corruption committee set up to investigate graft in the American Samoa government is taking to the High Court the issue of whether the Attorney-General can terminate its activities.

The Attorney General, Fiti Sunia, has advised all government departments that with the close of the 28th Legislature last Monday, ahead of November elections, the Senate Select Investigative Committee also expired.

But our correspondent in American Samoa says the SSIC believes the current Legislature doesn't end until January third next year.

Fili Sagapolutele says the SSIC has only one option to stop its activities being repeatedly curtailed.

"File a contempt subpoena with the High Court and have the Court make a ruling on this, because this came up about 2000, when the government were claiming that when the session ended, the investigative committee at that time was dissolved."

Our correspondent in American Samoa, Fili Sagapolutele.