16 Sep 2004

Solomons taskforce boss calls for swift action on Guadalcanal

3:39 pm on 16 September 2004

The Chairman of the Tripartite Taskforce in Solomon Islands says the government needs to move faster in addressing some of its recommendations.

Manasseh Sogavare, who is also a former prime minister, says the demands of the people of Guadalcanal need to be met and the distribution of services should be improved.

This week the Taskforce presented its Social Services report to the Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza.

The report calls for a new bottom-up approach to development plans, concentrating on rural communities.

However Mr Sogavare says the government has been slow in acting on previous reports.

"The ball is really in the court of the government to seriously take up this recommendation. RAMSI assistance is actually addressing the effects of the crisis, they have yet to really address the underlying issues and as far as the Taskforce is concerned these issues are still intact. They are not being seriously addressed. If the recommendations are not taken up seriously we could see a repeat of the last three years."

Manasseh Sogavare