16 Sep 2004

Solomoms women's forum disappoints some delegates

2:41 pm on 16 September 2004

The National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says they are disappointed that they weren't more involved in a forum for women.

The programme, Women for Peace, held a three day national forum in Honiara to come up with a collective vision to promote peace.

Women for Peace is a group funded by Canada's Foreign Ministry.

Ella Kauhue from the national council says some women had complained about not being able to express their views.

And she says the objectives for the forum remained unclear.

"The forum did not really give them anything that will actually assist the women with, when they go back to their homes. I mean women were really looking to achieve at this forum was really to create ways of peacemaking, I was thinking practical ways, that was the general idea."

Ella Kauhue, from the National Council of Women in the Solomon Islands

The prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, who opened the national forum, had hoped the outcomes would assist the government in its efforts for peace and security.