16 Sep 2004

New Caledonia manager calls for more anti-strike action

6:23 am on 16 September 2004

A manager at the Nouvelles Caledoniennes newspaper says they want the police to break an illegal blockade which has prevented publication for over a week.

New Caledonia's only daily newspaper is locked in a stalemate with 20 striking members of the French territory's largest union, the USOENC.

Roland Andrei, a computer manager at the newspaper, says it called for help from the police and the Government last Friday after a court ruled the blockade was illegal.

He says there are striking workers outside and inside the premises.

"They can stay outside but some people are inside so we asked the police to remove them because it's completely illegal - we have millions of materials there which cost a lot and we don't know what they're going to do, if they're going to make some damage or those things. So we asked the police to remove them but they haven't done a thing so far."