15 Sep 2004

Fiji biscuit exports boom

3:44 pm on 15 September 2004

A dramatic rise in biscuit exports from Fiji has resulted in a big increase in the profits of Flour Mills of Fiji, the parent company of the Biscuit Company of Fiji.

The group chairman, Hari Punja, has told Radio Legend that the biscuit arm had a 66-percent increase in sales mainly to Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Pacific island countries.

Mr Punja says this greatly contributed to the increased after-tax profit which rose from 1.7 million US dollars to 3.8 million this year.

He says the biggest growth for biscuit exports is Australia and the Fiji company wants to capture 10 percent of that market worth more than 30 million US dollars.

The Biscuit Company of Fiji, which has been in operation for less than a year, has already doubled its production capacity and is planning another 50 percent increase.