14 Sep 2004

Tuvalu calls again for countries to allow more Tuvaluans to migrate over fear of sea level rise

8:42 pm on 14 September 2004

Tuvalu has made a renewed call for nations around the world to welcome Tuvaluans wanting to migrate because of the threat of sea level rise.

The Tahitipresse news agency reports the Tuvalu secretary to government, Panapasi Nelesone, as saying New Zealand has been the only country to offer Tuvaluans access in the event of global warming.

But Mr Nelesone told the Pacific regional environment conference in Tahiti other larger countries should come forward to let Tuvaluans migrate there freely.

Mr Nelesone says industrialised countries are responsible for climate change, by continuing to destroy the ozone layer and thus increasing the risk for Tuvalu and similar countries.

He says the solution must come from those industrialised countries.