14 Sep 2004

British High Commission in Fiji to get beefed up security around its Suva office

5:09 pm on 14 September 2004

The British High Commission in Fiji is to beef up security around its headquarters next month.

The Suva City Council is installing planter boxes in the road outside the high commission, which will act as security barriers.

The measures come after last week's terror attack on the Australian embassy in Jakarta.

The council's engineering director, Eroni Ratu Kalou, says the British High Commission requested the council to carry out the works because of a fear of a terrorist attack.

He says the planter barriers will force cars to enter the area at a very slow speed.

"Movement is restricted, but not completely stopped. And maybe discourage people to go on that route."

Suva council's chief engineer, Eroni Ratu Kalou.