14 Sep 2004

Weather hampers efforts to collect population data on Niue

8:29 pm on 14 September 2004

An attempt in Niue to collect population data as part of the reconstruction effort has been hampered by delays.

Last week, the Statistics Department carried out a village head count, the first since Cyclone Heta hit in January.

The government says it is important to maintain accurate population counts for planning education, health and social policies.

However, Kim-Ray Vaha from the Statistics Department says information has been hard to collate.

"It's just a matter of getting people in their houses cos during the day there's hardly anyone in their houses during the day so we had to collect the forms in the evening. As people saw last week, the weather wasn't in our favour to do that type of work in the field, so we're going to try again this week and collect whatever is left."

Kim-Ray Vaha from the Niue Statistics Department.