13 Sep 2004

PNG Police Minister says Australia needs to help it combat terrorism

8:44 pm on 13 September 2004

Papua New Guinea's internal security minister, Bire Kimisopa, says he wants Australian help to improve his country's ability to combat the terrorist threat.

His comments come after last week's bomb attack in Indonesia and the Australian High Commission in PNG saying the country is a possible weak link.

Mr Kimisopa says it would be mutually beneficial if an intelligence unit was set up to share information and concentrate on counter terrorism efforts.

He says PNG is extremely vulnerable to an attack because of the large numbers of Australians there.

"The circumstances in PNG is this, you've got more than 10 thousand Australians living and working here, you've got a big prescence of Australia, and because of our close proximity and our weak law and order system in this country, we need to be considerate and have some resources put aside."

Bire Kimisopa says he will be writing shortly to the AFP and the Australian Government to see what their plans for counter terrrorism are in PNG.