13 Sep 2004

Atiu mayor wants more action from Cooks MPs

1:48 pm on 13 September 2004

The mayor of Atiu in the Cook Islands says he hopes new MPs will realise they have to perform and be accountable.

Aneru Tautu was speaking after one of the islands two MPs, Norman George, was voted out by his constituency.

Mr Tautu says this marks a big change for Atiu, where people opted in the past to stick with Mr George, even if they weren't happy with his performance.

He says promises, which included completing the roads and upgrading the water system, weren't filled.

Mr Tautu says people are now demanding a new and different attitude from politicians.

And the mayor says concern is rising on Atiu that Mr George may challenge the outcome in his constituency.

The MP has seven days from the final count to do so.