13 Sep 2004

Cook Islands tourism to focus on sustainable development

7:28 am on 13 September 2004

A major report to develop a new strategic direction for tourism in the Cook Islands is close to being finished.

The industry, which is the country's no.1 earner, is experiencing rapid growth and there is concern that it needs to be managed in a sustainable manner.

The chairman of the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, Don Beer Jr, says people in the industry want to set up guidelines and standards.


The development rate over the last five years has been astronomical. And, I think we need to sit down and sort of focus on the issue, and ensure that we're planning tourism properly in a way that is sustainable, that meets the requirements of the Cook Islands community. And, also it forms a part of the Cook Islands lifestyle that we're trying to promote.

Mr Beer says the focus will not be on large scale resorts but on sustainable development.

The report is expected to be completed by the end of October