10 Sep 2004

Chinese investor deplores Fiji slowness

2:48 pm on 10 September 2004

A frustrated Chinese investor in Fiji has taken the unprecedented step of writing an open letter to the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, questioning the fairness of government policies.

Zhang Bei Yan was given a business licence three years ago to set up a pay TV service in Labasa but despite having equipment and engineers in place has still not been given a television licence.

In his published letter to Mr Qarase, Mr Zhang says Fu Shun TV is offering 20 channels for 12-US dollars a month, making possible more choice, more programmes and lower rates.

Mr Zhang says the Fiji Trade and Investment Board has a policy of responding to investor proposals in three days, but wonders how much longer Fu Shun will have to wait.

He says the government does its best to exempt the monopoly Fiji TV Limited from paying tax, but wonders why the government is not fulfilling its promise to Fu Shun TV.

Mr Zhang says the government has no reason to violate investor confidence and its three-year hold-up of a TV licence for Fu Shun is unfair to the company.

He says Fu Shun has complied with all laws and regulations and Mr Qarase should not delay the issue of a licence any further.