9 Sep 2004

Just one of the original Tampa refugees left on Nauru after 22 taken to New Zealand.

8:42 pm on 9 September 2004

All but one of the Tampa refugees being held on Nauru, have left the island for New Zealand.

The 21 Afghan asylum seekers were picked up by a Norwegian freighter three years ago and taken to Nauru as part of Australia's Pacific Solution.

The men, plus one from Bangladesh, were interviewed by immigration officials in July, after the United Nations requested that New Zealand house them.

Christina Fordyce from New Zealand's Department of Labour says all 22 of the men were interviewed whilst on Nauru by a mental health specialist to assess their psychological state after living for three years on the island.

"So when they arrive here in New Zealand and while they're at the centre they will get specific care for their needs and be set up for anything else they need once they leave the centre. It will be quite difficult for them to settle but this is the end of a very long journey for them and I'm sure that they will settle well once they are here."

Christina Fordyce from New Zealand's Department of Labour says Australia is reviewing the position of the remaining 104 refugees left on Nauru.