8 Sep 2004

Solomon Islands gun owners still seeking compensation for confiscated guns

10:16 am on 8 September 2004

There is concern in Solomon Islands about whether gun holders still have valid licenses and when they will receive compensation for confiscated weapons

The National Peace Council says the matter of compensation to licensed gun holders is up to the government, but it needs careful consideration.

But the chairman of the Council, Paul Tovua, says it was clear at the time of the gun amnesty that it was best to give up all guns, licensed or not.

He says according to police, there are no legally held firearms.

Mr Tovua says its unlikely that the government has the money to pay compensation.


Well this is again an issue - people are trying their luck on whether the government will pay them. Already the government said no payment, but people are keep on coming those property belong to us, it is a policy issue and the government is in the best position to answer. 25

The chair of the Solomon Islands National Peace Council, Paul Tovua