7 Sep 2004

Call for road to be built to PNG's Tolokuma mine

4:09 pm on 7 September 2004

Papua New Guinea's Chamber of Mines and Petroleum is recommending a road be built to the Tolokuma Mine site, to the north of Port Moresby, to encourage commerce.

The chief executive of the Chamber, Greg Anderson, says currently the Tolokuma Mine uses helicopters, which is very expensive, to get its ore out.

He says a road would also benefit agriculture, as soil near the mine site has the tremendous potential to be used to grow coffee.

"Well it is, it is a costly thing to get the road up there. The general policy is not to build new roads because we can't maintain what we've already got. But there is what I believe there's a pretty sound economic case with the mine aspect and the potential agriculture aspects."

Greg Anderson says a road in this case would be a worthwhile investment.