7 Sep 2004

Fiji PM rejects Chaudhry proposal for review of multi-party hearing

10:13 am on 7 September 2004

The Fiji Labour Party wants the Supreme Court to review its July ruling on the composition of the multi-party cabinet.

The prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, has told RADIO LEGEND that the Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry is not happy with the Supreme Court ruling on the number of ministers who can enter the cabinet from his party.

Mr Qarase says Mr Chaudhry has written to him asking that they jointly agree to refer the matter back to the Supreme Court.

But Mr Qarase says this is "very serious because Mr Chaudhry is questioning the authority of the highest court in the land" and he "is not prepared to be a party to the submission that he wants to take to the Supreme Court."

Mr Qarase says "the Supreme Court has made its decision, it's the highest court and there is no right of appeal from the Supreme Court to any other court."