6 Sep 2004

Fiji attorney general admits filing tax return late

4:32 pm on 6 September 2004

Fiji's Attorney General admits he should have filed his tax returns regularly.

But Qoriniasi Bale says allegations made by Fiji Labour Party senator Felix Anthony that he defrauded the Revenue and Customs Authority are politically motivated.

Mr Anthony alleges Mr Bale was given a tax refund of more than 14,000 US dollars even though he owed nearly 6,000 US dollars in taxes to the authority, dating back to 1994.

Mr Bale has defended his actions.

"I'm not sure exactly why that happened and I don't think it matters to me now. The pointI made was when it was raised with me I told my accountant to make sure it is done. A lot of people omit to file their returns."

Mr Bale says his tax assessments were later carried out by chartered accountants in consultation with the inland revenue department.

He says he has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide .