6 Sep 2004

Cooks Democrats rule out coalition with Tumu Enua

2:19 pm on 6 September 2004

The leader of the Cook Islands Democratic party is ruling out any possibility of a coalition with the Tumu Enua group.

Dr Terepai Maoate says they won't have any dealings with the Tumu Enua leader, MP Norman George, because coalitions involve too many compromises.

Mr George formed the group after the Democratic party refused to endorse him as its official candidate for his seat on Atiu.

Dr Maoate says the party is aiming to achieve a clear majority at this week's elections.

"I'm really working hard with my team to get a mandate from the people to give us a good result because - my experience with the coalition - I've had enough of that and I think most people prefer to have a government. It could be a Cook Islands party or a Democratic party, and I think we have a very good chance of doing that."

Dr Maoate says he would like to be the prime minister again if the Democratic party is elected to govern.