6 Sep 2004

PNG magistrates chides public servants over political roles

3:29 pm on 6 September 2004

The Chief Magistrate in the Papua New Guinea province of Madang has condemned local public servants who become involvement in political affairs.

John Numapo said that not only did public servants in the provincial headquarters openly express their disappointment about appointments to senior positions, but were actively involved in the political affairs of the province.

Mr Numapo raised his concerns while handing down sentences on the Governor, James Yali, and Usino Local Level Government Council president, Fred Maliupa, who were found guilty of assaulting a senior public servant in April.

Yali was sentenced to six months jail but this was suspended and he was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond.

Maliupa was sentenced to 12 months jail, also suspended, and placed on an 18-month good behaviour bond.