3 Sep 2004

Typhoon relief supplies flown into Northern Marianas

4:33 pm on 3 September 2004

Aid supplies have been flown to typhoon victims in two of the northernmost Northern Mariana islands.

The emergency operations centre says the eye of Supertyphoon Songda passed very close to Agrihan, Alamagan and Pagan yesterday.

Officials say the storm has left people living on Agrihan short of food and water.

The public information officer, Jenn Castro, says a helicopter flew canned food and water to Agrihan and Alamagan this morning:

"Those supplies have been delivered to the islands of Agrihan and Alamagan and the supplies that were sent, including medical supplies, were to last for one week. But we are putting together some more supplies to be shipped out."

Ms Castro says there have been no deaths.

In terms of injuries, we don't have any reported yet. But we know for sure there are no deaths. Everyone was pretty safe in the typhoon shelters on each respective island.

The Saipan Tribune newspaper says about three dozen people were on the islands of Agrihan, Alamagan and Pagan at the time the typhoon hit.