2 Sep 2004

French Polynesia passes amended budget 27 votes to 26

3:38 pm on 2 September 2004

The French Polynesia government has been able to push through an amended budget.

The Tahitipresse news agency reports the assembly passed the Finance Act by 27 votes to 26, in a ballot held hours before a deadline.

The budget vote was held amid uncertainty over whether a group of up to eight coalition MPs would support the government.

The group walked out of an earlier session, forcing parliament to sit for another day.

The leader of the rebel grouping, Hiro Tefaarere of the Union for Democracy party, said he was upset at the coalition leadership.

But Mr Tefaarere said he wasn't defecting to the Opposition.

The chief amendment of the first budget of the Oscar Temaru-led government was to approve giving about 3-hundred US dollars a month in child benefits to hundreds of families.