1 Sep 2004

Vote of no confidence in Vanuatu fails

5:10 pm on 1 September 2004

An attempt by the Vanuatu Opposition to topple the administration of Prime Minister Serge Vohor failed today, with the Government winning the support of 31 of the 51 members of Parliament.

The vote came amid claims by the Opposition leader Sato Kilman that they had the numbers to unseat the Govenrment, but he says seven members who promised their support withdrew it.

He says he now accepts the Government has a mandate to govern and stability should return.

"there was argument about whether there really should be a vote of no confidence, but our argument has been all along that if there were the numbers on the Opposition side, then we had an obligation to get back to Parliament for a new mandate. They have shown they have 31. If they can maintain that we have no problem with that"