2 Sep 2004

Samoa opposition leader questions Broadcasting Corporation's absence from weekly conference

10:28 am on 2 September 2004

Samoa's Opposition leader, Le Mamea Ropati, won't be giving interviews to the Samoa Broadcasting Corporation unless the current dispute between the state-owned media and his Samoa Democratic United Party is settled.

The SBC's chief executive, Faiesea Lei Sam-Matafeo says she stopped coverage of the the party's weekly media conferences at the start of this month after one of it's MPs used what she described as "vulgar language."

Lei Sam-Matafeo said until MP Valasi Togamaga Tafito apologised for his language and SDUP guaranteed no more " disgusting " language is used at their media conferences, the ban would continue.

Le Mamea said he had already apologised using humble language.

Lei Sam-Faiesea says Valasi must apologise to SBC staff.

There must be an assurance that no more vulgar and disgusting language would be used.

And thirdly, the broadcaster would require an agenda, so it could ascertain whether it was worth allocating staff and equipment for an hour to attend the weekly conference.