1 Sep 2004

Up to nine members of French Polynesian Government reportedly unhappy with Temaru administration

1:34 pm on 1 September 2004

It's reported that a revolt within the government, led by the vice-president of French Polynesia's assembly, has gathered strength.

There are reports that up to eight MPs have backed Hiro Tefaarere in his plans to form a new political grouping.

Mr Tefaarere yesterday walked out of the assembly during a debate on the Finance Act, which formalises the annual budget.

But Mr Tefaarere told the French broadcaster RFO he wasn't splitting from the coalition.

"It's not a break, it's a group of several MPs from the ruling coalition who're making a stand, out of greater respect and consideration for the people on whose behalf we've been elected. The Finance Act, like the Budget, is an important event in the political life of a country."

Hiro Tefaarere says he's not joining the opposition but wants to make his protest heard.

He's accused the Temaru-led government of breaking promises made at election time, and he's drawn attention to the lack of facilities in medical evacuations.

A government spokesman was not available for comment.