31 Aug 2004

Peace coordinator in Solomons refutes claims peace has returned to Guadalcanal

7:25 am on 31 August 2004

The Peace Coordinator in Solomon Islands province of Guadalcanal, Kamilo Teke, has refuted claims that peace has returned to its people.

Mr Teke argued that the presence of the Regional Assistance Mission had brought a peaceful environment.

But, he said, within people's minds there remained a hatred and animosity which could erupt if their grievances were not handled properly.

Mr Teke told the Solomons Broadcasting Corporation that many people who had seen the deaths of their relatives in the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal still held grudges against the oppressors.

He claims that reconciliation ceremonies organised in some villages and wards were money driven, and not from the people's hearts.

Mr Teke says unless those affected are rehabilitated, no reconciliation can be achieved.